For us mothers, our life often comes second or even third to the lives of our children and husbands. It’s not uncommon to feel a nagging feeling that there is something else out there for you… because there is.

After discovering this for myself through life coaching, I decided to share this knowledge with as many fellow mothers as I could.

Do you need to wake up to your life? Do you remember who you are? Do you remember what you love to do?

Everyone’s life is meant to be an amazing journey. How amazing is up to you.

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I’ve Moved!

by robinz

Robin lo res pt 3-39

Wake -up Momma!  is moving to my new site  Join me there for ideas to improve your life, health and body.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Robin McAllister-Zaas


Robin’s on a Mission

Tweet I’m on a mission. A mission to make having a life coach as normal as having a dentist.   As  everyday as a cup of coffee.     As medicine advances we all stand to live a very long life, it would be much easier to navigate all of the changes that happen to us and the […]

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Scout’s Life Goals

Tweet Deep in the throws of the holiday season, my husband Terry and  8 year old son Scout and I went shopping, ending our holiday spree with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Brio.  The atmosphere was loud and festive, everyone celebrating the season. But, at our table we were having a different conversation. […]

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It Really is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Tweet   Halloween is over, all that remains is the trick or treat candy lurking in the bowl in the pantry.  Thanksgving is right around the corner and then it’s Christmas.    Are you filled with joy and anticipation? If your answer is yes, then you probably don’t need to read any further.  If your […]

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Dump a Bad Habit

Tweet 80    days until the end of the year.  80 days left to make the changes you were hoping to make in 2011.    What are you waiting for?  Start Now! The research suggests that it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit.  Let’s say you bite your finger nails and one of […]

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Change the World

Tweet The world lost an amazing man last night.    Honor him, by doing what you can to change the world.  Watch this for a little inspiration. 4oAB83Z1ydE

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It’s a Fact!

Tweet   Weightloss is the Number One Resolution! Since mentioning the  100 day march to the end of 2011, I’ve gotten several emails from readers of WUM letting me in on the resolutions that they don’t want to have on their list in 2012.  No surprise, the number one resolution is weightloss or feeling healthy […]

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15 Awe Inspiring Things Happening Right Now!

Tweet Childlike Wonder Feeling awe, and experiencing magic often comes from doing or seeing something that you don’t have a template for in your mind.  We can also feel those feelings by learning and understanding the process of how something, like, swallowing happens.  When you understand, you are amazed that our bodies actually were made […]

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Choose Yourself

Tweet “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” ~ Ayn Rand So many of my clients exhibit signs of being the proverbial wall flower.  Waiting for the man to find her, waiting for the boss to recognize her worth or waiting to be befriended by a […]

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What in Your Life is Worth Living For?

Tweet History is full of brave, passionate people that have died in a blaze of glory standing up for what they believed in.   People who let everyone know what they thought was worth dying for by how they lived their life…however long or short it was. What is worth dying for?    That  can […]

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